About Us

A short info for our english-speaking visitors.


arztkonsultation.de has been the first video-consultation on the German market, introduced at the 117th German`s Physician Conference in May 2014.

The highly regulated German healthcare market, flanked by strict data protection requirements, has seen a variety of telemedicine and eHealth approaches currently and in the past, few of them being successful. However, arztkonsultation.de copes with it. That`s because:

  • We are highly specialized into the German market and its special requirements.
  • We have an unique high-level access to decision makers in the conventional healthcare market, built up in 15 years of top-level management work in the healthcare, IT and pharmacy market.
  • We have a paranoid-enough understanding to German data protection attitudes. We have read the Schneier back in 1998 and have started our professionell career with the worldwide very first Internet Banking Solution.
  • We are backed by all relevant institutions, including investment by federal state`s investment institution.
  • Our solution is a high-quality, high secure solution with a better quality than skype. You don´t need any additional equipment like headsets or stuff.

If you need to access the German healthcare market, arztkonsultation.de is your partner.

If you are interested in further information, please contact us at info  (at) arztkonsultation.de or give us a call: +49-385-5183000-0